Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Why Are Systems With Unvented Cylinders Better For Some Homes Than Combination Boilers?

Boilers which use unvented cylinders as part of their heating and hot water system are able to provide both heat and hot water to a household at a relatively low cost. They are one of the most popular types of boiler system that are available, along with combination boilers. But what makes boiler systems with unvented cylinders so popular, and why are they better than combination boilers for some people's houses?

The benefits of combination boilers are obvious: they can instantaneously heat water which can be directed between both the hot water taps and the radiator system in a house, without the need for a large hot water storage tank. Systems without a large hot water storage tank can actually free up much needed space in smaller houses or flats. In big cities, where space is at a premium, combination boilers can seem like a god send to homeowners, so you may wonder why anyone would consider choosing any other type of boiler system? In fact, the systems which have unvented cylinders have lots of positives as well, and they may be a much better choice for some homes. Here is why:

If you live in a house with more than one shower or bathroom, combination boilers may struggle to provide enough hot water for all of the showers or hot water taps, if they all happen to be in use at the same time. Although the option is available to install more than one combination boiler (one for each shower or bathroom, for instance, or one on each floor) this could end up being very expensive. Systems with large unvented cylinders are able to heat enough water to supply two or more showers at the same time, as well as all of the radiators and other hot water taps which may be in use.

Combination boilers are also more effective when they can be situated as near to the place where the warm water will be used as they can be. The farther away they are situated, the less effective they will be at supplying warm water. This can cause a lot of issues if the house is across multiple floors. Unvented cylinder systems do not suffer from this problem to the same degree, so they can be situated anywhere in the house where there is space, without this problem occurring. This means that warm water storage tanks can be located in the loft of the property, or on lower levels.

Even having a large hot water storage cylinder can have its benefits! Cylinders are usually shut into an airing cupboard to keep them out of sight, but these airing cupboards can also be used as storage space in the house. If you choose to store some of your clothes in the same cupboard as the hot water storage tank, any excess heat which is given off by the tank will help to warm your clothes, which can make them very pleasant to put on, on a cold winter morning.